Weekend Studio is born with a focus on generating a large number of new and original IPs by a large number of creators, diversifying the offer to our potential clients and maximizing the potential for success of our development pool.


The industry is demanding new content able to appeal global audiences and non-dependent exclusively on local revenue. We are based in Spain, but geared towards such an
international market. “Think Global, Act Local”.


Our authors know from minute one their rights, their duties and the tasks to accomplish. On the other hand, our clients will always have all the available information about our company and its


WS wants to become a pole of attraction for both new and experienced talent. We will gather and manage a vast creative pool, but we will also establish a clear set of development and production rules to achieve the best possible quality in all our products.


We believe there is more than enough information to analyse the cultural and market trends and generate the right contents for the most appropriate audiences. WS will work with big data companies to find the best themes, stories and marketing approach for each one of our IPs.


Nowadays, a TV series or a film needs to be much more than a story told on a singlescreen to become a successful product. New media content in the 21st century must be conceived as a true multimedia experience right from scratch. Our long experience and successful track record in both the traditional and digital media makes us confident that WS will be pioneering this field in the Spanish-speaking market.